About Us

Who We Are
We are a small collective of artists and designers whose skills range from aerosol writing (urban art) and computer graphics, through to traditional drawing, painting and calligraphy. Between us we have over 20 years of professional experience.

What We Do

At IdenticonArts we offer a premium urban arts interior design service producing exciting mural paintings for the home, office or workplace.

Using our combined talents ands skills we have successfully created a series of interior and exterior murals that are both pleasing to the eye and either stimulating or relaxing to the mind, depending on choice of theme.

The Talent
The Artful Dodger (A. Dee) - Widely credited with being one of the first aerosol writers to come out of the UK in the early 1980s, making the successful transition from the streets to the corporate world. Whilst holding various exhibitions and spray-painting demonstrations and workshops for young people up and down the country (with one, on a housing estate in South London, winning an award from the late Princess of Wales), he has also managed to capture the imagination of merchant bankers and stockbrokers in the City, securing a number of commissioned canvases in the process.

Arturo - Known to all as the 'Circus Master', this visually expressive individual has a flair for design and the ability to see things or come at things from another angle or perspective that usually has not previously been considered.

His Latin/Native American roots give a rhythmic vibrancy to the many projects undertaken by IdenticonArts and he is one who sincerely believes that true design should speak for itself. Music is what drives his work and his life, and for him, that, and visual creativity, are just two faces of the same coin.

Manny - One of those rare people that the more you spend time with, the less you know about them. Has much to say for himself though rarely courts publicity, feeling that one's creativity should speak for itself.

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